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Family Services

Family law is composed of a multitude of areas, such as adoption, divorce, enforcement, and modifications.  There are even cases of paternity or suits affecting the parent-child relationship.   The Vitelli Law Firm handles all these types of cases.  Once you call me, I will ask you a series of questions to determine what it is that you are seeking and the best course of action for you.


Family law is an intensely emotional time for anyone.  Whether it is an adoption, divorce, enforcement, or modification, it truly takes a toll on a person to make the decision to move forward.  My clients need to know that when they call upon me to fight for their rights in court, I have listened to them, prepared them, and made them feel comfortable.  My goal is that when the judge makes their decision, my client can walk away with satisfaction.  Here at the Vitelli Law Firm, we focus on what is best for the client financially and emotionally regarding taking a case to trial or attempting other resolutions, such as alternate dispute resolutions.  Being a mediator also enables me to discuss the different options with each client individually to better suit their needs.


For further information on each section, click the links.  Be sure to check out the common questions and answers that have been asked over the years.  The website is constantly being updated, so if there is a question you think needs to be asked, send me an email at and I would be glad to review it for future posting.

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