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Adoption Q&A

How long is the process for the adoption of a child?


Generally, 6 months or longer.


Is it possible to adopt an adult?


Yes, it would be the same process as adopting a child.


How much does an adoption cost?

The general cost is about $5000.00 and can go up from there.   Here at the Vitelli Law Firm, we strive to make it cost-effective for the client.


Are there any fees besides the attorney fees?

Usually, you will need to pay for criminal background check and fingerprinting.  Some costs may be associated with an attorney ad litem or amicus attorney.  It depends on the nature of your case.

Does my attorney need to be board certified for the adoption?

No, as in any case, your attorney only needs to be licensed with the State and in good standing with the State Bar.


My spouse has a criminal history; will this prohibit us from adopting a child?

Generally no.  However, there are certain crimes that will prevent adoption, such as sexual assault crimes or crimes involving family violence.  Inform your attorney of any crimes that may be on your record.  You may be eligible for a non-disclosure proceeding before the adoption.


I cannot find the biological father, but I have the consent of biological mother for the adoption. Will this stop the adoption?

The court may appoint an attorney ad litem to try to locate the biological father in this scenario.  The attorney ad litem will then report to the court and the parties involved their findings.  If the biological father is not found generally, the court will continue with the adoption proceeding.

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