Do I need a will?

It is a personal choice.  I have found that families benefit best when their loved ones have a will.  In Texas if you die without a will (intestate) then the State can determine how your belongings get divided.  If you want to ensure that certain family members get certain property, invest in a will.

How long does the process take?

The process can take as little a 3 days to complete.  Once you contact me here at The Vitelli Law Firm I will immediately send you an email asking for certain information.  Once I have obtained that information from you I began to draft your documents.  I can email them back for approval and then print and mail them to you once they are approved.

Do any of these documents need to be notarized?

Yes, they all do.  The Vitelli Law Firm does not have a notary on staff, which helps keep cost down for will packages.  Most banks will have a notary and offer the service for free.

How much does a simple will cost?

The Vitelli Law Firm offers very competitive rates.  For a simple will for one person the cost is generally$300.00.  The cost for a husband and wife is $500.00.  The Vitelli Law Firm also offers packages for singles and couples at the following two rates respectively $750.00 and $1,200.00.  The prices may vary depending on each individual basis.  Please contact the Vitelli Law Firm to inquire within.

Do I need to file my will with the Court?

No, it is not required.  It is highly recommended that you keep your will in a safe place such as a fireproof safe or safety deposit box at your bank.

What if I decide to change my will?

Simply call The Vitelli Law Firm and we can make any changes to your will.  Once the new will is created and approved, you may simply rip up the old will.  This is only effective if you have not filed it with the Court.

Can I specifically leave certain family members out of the will?

Yes, you can.  It is best to do so if you truly feel that certain family members will try to obtain property you never intended to leave for them.

How do I go about picking the person to execute the will?

Generally, it will be a trusted family member.  That family member will simply have a meeting and read your will.  They will also see that the property is divided as you requested.

Will my family have to go through the Court system to probate my will?

Generally on small estates the answer is no.  Most likely your family can do a transfer of title also called Muniment of Title.

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